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    Senior Consultant, Engineer,
    Business and Product Innovator

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Grid Integration and E-Mobility

Business Areas


Innovations have to drive products and solutions in solar, wind and storage systems for a cost-effective low carbon world. To compete in a globalized economy, expertise about renewable markets is key to success.

Grid Integration

Efficiency targets to lower the CO2 emissions require a smart integration of generation, transportation, distribution and consumption of electricity on and off the grid. Digitalization of smart grids help to achieve system integration and interaction.


The energy supply, charging and management of electric mobility enables new business models along the entire supply chain, taking into account the new characteristics of distribution and transmission systems. The demand for intelligent power electronic solutions is growing vastly.

Professional Competencies

Business Engineering

Development and implementation of investment and business strategies in a global environment. Processes of corporate and departmental management, measures to improve results (ROI).

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  • Market valuation and business due diligence
  • Development of technical key figures and processes
  • Financing of projects with new technology (bankability)
  • M&As from technology companies

Product Engineering

Systematic approach to innovation of products and customer solutions. Lifecycle strategy, margin improvement and reduction of product costs.

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  • Digitization and IP strategies
  • Commercialization of products and services
  • Standardization and cost reduction
  • System and value engineering
  • Program planning, implementation, risk management


The focus is the interest of the client. We clarify problems to be solved, delivering outstanding results – your ROI.


Integrity and confidentiality support openness and success to ensure lasting improvement.


Independence, business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit characterize the cooperation.


Charisma and self-confidence are as much a part of my business as persistence and respect for people and culture. My way of working includes both intuition and analysis of facts, as well as active listening and challenging the status quo.


+20 years of experience in the power sector, wind, solar, grid integration and industrial applications.


  • 2012-2018, GE Power Conversion
  • 2007-2012, GE Wind on- and offshore
  • 1999-2007, Enercon R&D
  • 1999, Siemens Power Generation

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  • Power electronics, generators, drives
  • System integration, compliance and certification
  • Experience in Europe, NAM, LATAM, China, India
  • Worked with utilities, OEMs, developers, grid operators, EPCs, suppliers, operators, investors, service providers
Nachhaltige Energieversorgung



Stefan Hartge

Stefan Hartge is a graduate of an international Executive Program at the University of St. Gallen, 2019 (E.M.B.L.-HSG). He holds a diploma in electrical power engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe.

Selection of certificates:

  • 2018, Harvard negotiation course (Boston).
  • 2013, FastWorks (Product Management) with Eric Ries (GE).
  • 2009, Leadership Development Course (GE).
  • 2004, Top Management Training (Enercon).

Network and partners

  • Advisory boards, C-Level decision makers.
  • Engineering experts, certification bodies.
  • Utilities, IPPs, OEMs, suppliers.
  • Legal and financial advisors.
  • Investors, banks, developers.
  • Governmental and trade organizations


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